Join our Trust Department by following these easy steps:

1. Schedule a 60-minute discovery meeting

What you'll need to provide:
In order for us to have an effective estate planning meeting, you should bring copies of the following:

  • Existing trust(s) or will
  • Powers of appointment (POA’s)
  • Health directive/living will
  • Personal financial statement
  • Current asset statements
  • Last 3 years of federal tax returns
  • Anything else you see as pertinent to your legacy

You should also spend a little time thinking about the following:

  • Who are your likely beneficiaries?
  • Are there any special familial situations you need to address? (i.e. special needs grandchild or spendthrift?)
  • Do you have concerns about how your assets will be used?
  • Are there any charities that you should/would like to help?
  • Other unique concerns (family farm, business succession, unique assets)
  • What do you want your legacy to be?

2. Attend a 60-minute solution meeting

What we'll provide during this meeting:

  • Investment Proposal Statement
  • Proposed Portfolio
  • Document Assessment
  • Comprehensive Prosperity Planning

3. Complete account opening paperwork

4. Account Funding